General Terms and Conditions

  1. Conclusion of Travel Contract

By signing the booking form, the customer confirms to the agency the conclusion of a travel contract. The booking must be made in writing or by fax. The person who makes the booking accomplishes it also for all those participants which are stated in the booking form, for whose contractual obligation the person who makes the booking shall equally be liable as for his own obligations. Formation of the contract shall be accomplished by the acceptance of the agency. The acceptance requires no special form. At the time of the conclusion of the contract or immediately thereafter, the agency will provide the customer with confirmation of the booking. Should the contents of the booking confirmation deviate from the contents of the booking form, a new offer from the agency will be presented.


  1. Payment and Delivery of Travel Documents

Whoever makes the booking is in any case liable to pay, unless, on placing the order, otherwise agreed in writing between the person who makes the booking and the agency and accepted by both parties. Upon conclusion of the contract, a deposit payment as per the terms and conditions of the quote is to be made within the stated period. The same applies for the final payment. Travel documents will be delivered after receipt of payment. In case of non-payment the agency reserves the right to withdraw from sending travel documentation and from accomplishment of service provisions.

  1. Cancellation  

The customer is entitled to cancel the contract at any time before departure. Decisive is the date of receipt of the written or faxed cancellation by the agency. In the event of cancellation, the agency shall be entitled to claim an appropriated compensation according to § 651 i BGB.:

Cancellation policy for hotel reservation, if not stated otherwise in the quotation and booking

Up to 35 days prior to arrival € 50,00

34 to 16 days prior to arrival 1 night

15 to 00 days prior to arrival 90 %

In case the booking party needs any amendments and changes of the existing booking can this only lead to a complete cancellation and rebooking. Costs may apply.

  1. Regular Flight Performances 

These flight performances are organized and carried out at the sole responsibility of the airlines, and they are only mediated by us.

  1. Limitation of Liability 

As far as any damage was caused by the agency neither deliberately nor grossly negligent, of the agency is solely responsible due to the fault of a performer, the liability for damages not being physical injuries, is limited to the threefold amount of the travel price. Claims of delict liability shall remain untouched.

  1. Change of Performance and Price 

The agency reserves the right, to change stated and on booking confirmed prices in case of an increase in the carriage costs, or the costs for particular performances such as port and airport charges, VAT or city taxes, or a change in the exchange rates applicable for the relevant journey, in such an extent, as their increase per person or per seat will affect the travel price.  The customer shall be informed of price increases immediately after notification.


  1. Change of reservation on or after arrival date 

In case of need of changing the existing booking by the booking party after date of arrival, it is obligatory for the booking party to inform the agency within 24h. Any case of claiming refunds can only be executed if the 24-hour information deadline towards the agency is complied with. In the event of such changes there is no entitlement for reimbursement.


  1. Additional charges caused by the client 

Additional charges caused by the client that M&C Travel Events is charged by the respective suppliers lead to an additional service charge of minimum EUR 50 plus VAT per case


  1. Obligations of Participants

Each traveler shall be obliged to collaborate in the elimination of possibly occurring defaults in performance. The traveler, in his own interest shall immediately (within 24 hours) report any complaints, as that immediate corrective action can be taken.

10. Visa, Medical regulations

Each traveler is obliged to arrange his necessary travel documents. Failure of this is beyond the responsibility of M&C Travel Events GmbH which is obliged to inform the customer about all visa and medical regulations in reference to an arranged reservation.

  1. Exclusion of claims and statutory period of limitation

Any default occurring is to be reported in writing within 4 weeks after departure date. All claims come under the statute of 6 months from date of departure until the date any claims are refused in writing by M&C Travel Events GmbH.

  1. Jurisdiction

In all cases, the place of jurisdiction is Esslingen/Germany. M&C Travel Events GmbH Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 32 73760 Ostfildern Germany

USt-IdNr: DE81255791