From now on you will only talk to real people, real experts, real travel agents!

Our team of dedicated travel experts has been stadily growing as we have started to offer our travel service for an increasing amount of racing series. We speak many different languages - mainly English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. We are modern, available online, and we value the direct contact with you. Therefore, we travel to different racetracks several times a year to meet you right in the center of the action!

We are not an anonymous travel agency. We want you to know exactly who you will be working with. Therefore, we took the time and put together a few details about our travel agents. Which languages do they speak? Which racing series do they concentrate on? How can you reach them? Have a look!

Managing Directors

In 1998, Manuela Schiffner and Claudia Lüdi founded their own travel agency. They wanted to offer a specialized travel service for motorsport racing teams that had not existed so far. During the last 20 years, they have managed to see their company grow and evolve into the leading travel agency in the field.

Manuela Schiffner

Managing Director

Over 20 years ago, Manuela decided that it was time to introduce a travel agency to the motorsport world, that truly specialized on its specific needs. Since M&C Travel Events’ foundation in 1998, Manuela constantly worked on expanding to more and more racing series always keeping the highest quality of service.

Claudia Lüdi

Managing Director

Coming from a family of motorsport enthusiasts, Claudia is still traveling all around the world to meet racing teams directly where they work: At the racetrack. Together with our sales team, she networks and makes sure that everyone in the motorsport world has heard of M&C Travel Events.


We travel to the racetracks where you are at. To meet you, to get in touch, to provide you with the best travel service possible. Meet us there or contact us in our office: by phone or e-mail. Our Sales Team speaks many different languages: German, English, French, Spanish and Finnish.

Suvi-Anna Kluvich

Sales Representative

Suvi has a degree in tourism management and joined our team in 2018. She currently handles the following racing series: FIA WEC, ELMS, and 24 Hours of Le Mans. Over the year, her job therefore consists of a lot of traveling to circuits around the globe.

Melanie Strauch

Senior Sales Manager

Melanie has a long experience in travel and event management. In the past years, she has specialized in SRO, Creventic and German racing series, and individual motorsport events all around the world.

Travel Service

We manage your bookings, send out your confirmations, are ready for any changes and updates from your side. Give us a call with all of your questions - we are happy to help. You can talk to our Travel Service Team in the following languages: German, English, French, Spanish, and Italian.

Elody-Aline Zieker

Head of Travel Service

Elody has a lot of experience in the handling of group bookings and makes sure that her team is always staying on top of things. As the leader of our Travel Service team, she has an eye on how we can innovate our processes, and is responsible for our internal communication.

Bernd Metzger

Senior Travel Service Representative

Bernd is one of our most experienced travel agents with a vast knowledge of flights, rental cars, and more. He is especially often in contact with our clients from all Asian racing series as well as the Formula E.

Kirsten Fehringer

Senior Travel Service Representative

Being one of our Flight experts, she deals with group and individual flights daily. Years of experience in travel and event management come handy when you need to find the best solution for a client.

Janina Kümmerle

Sales & Travel Service Assistant

Having worked in the tourism sector for many years, Janina now supports our team two days per week. If you’re our customer her name might appear in your emails every once in a while.



Heidi Hammer

Head of Purchasing & Events

Heidi has collected experiences in travel management for many decades. When negotiating with our partner hotels, she uses her knowledge to get the best rates and the best conditions possible.

Irmgard Würschum

Purchasing Assistant

In earlier years, Irmgard traveled to the racetrack with us and was commonly known as “Irmi”. Now, she supports Heidi as part of the purchasing team and deals with our partner hotels.



Sarina Schiffner

Head of Marketing, HR and Digitalization

After the end of her studies, Sarina decided to start at her mother’s business as a Marketing Manager. During the last 2 years, she built up our brand’s online visibility and brought many new ideas to the company.

Damla Oguz

Marketing Assistant

With her cheerful character and creativity, she brings our team's best marketing ideas to life. Damla works on all media and makes them great: Video, print, social, photo.

Accounting and Controlling

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