From now on you will only talk to real people, real experts, real travel agents!

Our team of dedicated travel experts has been stadily growing as we have started to offer our travel service for an increasing amount of racing series. We speak many different languages - mainly English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. We are modern, available online, and we value the direct contact with you. Therefore, we travel to different racetracks several times a year to meet you right in the center of the action!

We are not an anonymous travel agency. We want you to know exactly who you will be working with. Therefore, we took the time and put together a few details about our travel agents. Which languages do they speak? Which racing series do they concentrate on? How can you reach them? Have a look!

Your first contact: Our Sales Team

We travel to the racetracks where you are at. To meet you, to get in touch, to provide you with the best travel service possible. Meet us there or contact us in our office: by phone or e-mail. Our Sales Team speaks many different languages: German, English, French, and Italian.

Celine Karle

Junior Sales Manager

+49 711 3429 100

Celine, studied Tourism Management at Heilbronn University. She has previously worked as a business travel intern and now serves as a Junior Sales Manager

Alberto Tomatis

Working Student

+49 711 3429 100

Alberto comes from Italy and is currently completing his Master's in International Trade. He has a strong background in applied languages and can communicate effectively in English, German, French and Italian. Alberto is passionate about sales and motorsport, which makes him a great fit for our team.

Travel Service

We manage your bookings, send out your confirmations, are ready for any changes and updates from your side. Give us a call with all of your questions - we are happy to help. You can talk to our Travel Service Team in the following languages: German, English, French, Spanish, and Italian.

Elody-Aline Zieker

Head of Travel Service

Elody has a lot of experience in the handling of group bookings and makes sure that her team is always staying on top of things. As the leader of our Travel Service team, she has an eye on how we can innovate our processes, and is responsible for our internal communication.

Bernd Metzger

Senior Travel Service Representative

Bernd is one of our most experienced travel agents with a vast knowledge of flights, rental cars, and more. He is especially often in contact with our clients from all Asian racing series as well as the Formula E.

Martina Hofmann

Travel Service Manager

Martina comes from the world of corporate services and has spent many years handling group bookings to run as efficiently and smoothly as possible. She has excellent knowledge in the field of flights and is eager to provide the best service at any time. As part of our travel service team, she is now in charge of managing upcoming race events with her wide knowledge of the travel industry.

Jessica Schlinke

Travel Service Manager

Jessica has dedicated over 10 years to working with a racing team, where she successfully organized travel agendas. Her extensive experience has given her insight into the challenges, busyness, and time constraints involved in such tasks. Now, she is ready to leverage her skills to assist you with your travel plans, ensuring a smoother and more straightforward experience for you.

Jutta Schwind

Finance & Accounting Assistant

Jutta has been a part of our team for 14 years. She’s an expert when it comes to hotel invoices. Even 20-page long invoices are no issue for her. With a set of colorful highlighters, she’s ready to attack at any time.



Marketing and Management


Accounting and Controlling

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